About us

The Section Plant Physiology and Molecular Biology is the independent network for plant physiology and molecular biology in the genomic age. Being a non-profit organisation the largest experts' group within the Deutsche Botanische Gesellschaft (German Society for Plant Sciences) unites all generations of scientists, furthers research and higher education according to its statutes und supports young researchers. It represents its approximately 200 members in the scientific community, in the public and in politics. Every year it organizes the well-known Conference Molecular Biology of Plants. At this event and via its job mailing list it brings together young scientists and renowned experts.

Advantages for Section's members

We invite you to become a Section's member if you are a plant physiologist, a biochemist or a molecular biologist and are already member of the DBG. In this way you lend more weight to our discipline in science, research and teaching. The more members we unite the more we are able to raise a strong voice in science funding, society and politics. Your advantages for the small annual membership fee of currently 10 Euros are:

  • You can influence the course of the strongest Section in the DBG
  • Via the job market mailing list you can easily spread job advertisements (please write an e-mail to stellen[at]deutsche-botanische-gesellschaft.de). Being on job search you are continuously informed about job offers and vacancies.
  • You can easily reach all you colleagues in the Section via our mailing list to inform them about conferences.
  • Upon application the Section supports conferences and workshops which support young scientists. For further information please contact the Section's speaker.
  • Young scientists will profit from the Reinhold von Sengbusch Award for the best presentations at our yearly Conference "Molecular Biology of Plants".
  • Since the speaker is also member in the FESPB Council (Federation of European Societies of Plant Biology) the Section is also albe to influence and shape the European research landscape.

How can I become a Section's member?

To apply please complete the Section's membership application form (pdf file).

If you are not jet a member of the Deutsche Botanische Gesellschaft (German Society for Plant Sciences) yet you can check the Section out first without becoming a member in the DBG parent society for three years. This "test phase" is mainly offered to young scientists. In this phase "testing members" only have to pay the Section's fee. The Section's speaker will contact you after this three-year phase to ask you to also join the DBG (see: advantages for DBG members).