25 Mar 2020 · Conference Gleanings

Molecular Biology of Plants 2020

Participants discussed latest plant research results on the Section's annual meeting. Photo: Pavlína Miklankova

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Die 33. Tagung unserer Sektion fand vom 11. bis 14. Februar 2020 in Dabringhausen im Bergischen Land statt. Organisator Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Hell berichtet über die Themenschwerpunkte der von Deutschen Botanischen Gesellschaft (DBG) und Gesellschaft für Biochemie und Molekularbiologie (GBM) geförderten Tagung und nennt die ausgezeichneten Preisträger*innen der Reinhold von Sengbusch Poster- und Vortragspreise.

Zum Tagungsbericht in den Actualia der DBG:

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2020: Reinhold von Sengbusch Prize for presentations

Reinhold von Sengbusch Award for best talks. Photo: Pavlína Miklankova (please click to enlarge)

Elena Lesch (Bonn): Function and evolution of mitochondrial C‐to‐U RNA editing factor PPR78 elucidated with recombinant approaches in Physcomitrella patens and Escherichia coli

Rabea Meyberg (Marburg): Characterization of evolutionarily conserved key players affecting eukaryotic flagellar motility and fertility using a moss model

Christina Martins Rodriguez (Kaiserslautern): Chilling lessons: Teaching the sugar beet how to cope with cold

2020: Reinhold von Sengbusch Prize for posters

Reinhold von Sengbusch Award for best posters. Photo: Pavlína Miklankova (please click to enlarge)

Alexander Beesley (Aachen): Engineering coumarin biosynthesis providing disease resistance in crops

Hannah Krawczyk (Göttingen): Identification of a putative plant lipid droplet tethering complex involved in cellular organisation

Isabelle Metzen (Köln): The effect of plant genetic factors on the spatial heterogeneity of microbiota in the maize mycorrhizosphere 


34th Conference

The next Conference Molecular Biology of Plants of the Section Plant Physiology and Molecular Biology of the DBG will take place in Dabringhausen, Germany, 16th bis 19th February 2021. It will be organized by Prof. Dr. Marcel Quint (Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg), Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Hell (Heidelberg University), and Prof. Dr. Andreas Meyer (Bonn University).

Do not hesitate to contact the conference office if you have any questions. Maybe some of the answers are already provided in the FAQ (frequently asked questions).

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